Spok Motor.

Mr.Juho Rouhu, the owner and founder of the company, has been building custom motorcycles from early eighties. In the end the of the eighties he focused to use his skills for only Harley-Davidson motorcycles, as a designer, builder, and a technician. His creations have won many trophys in several custom bike shows, and they are known as certain "Rouhu-, or Spok Motor-style"!

During 1989-1996 Juho was heavily active on drag racing. He started on street Harley}s, and raced his way to nitro top fuel-bikes. Making the bikes by himself, was a good school to learn the tricks, and how to be a real speed king. Beside going fast, Juho was workin several years as a H-D service manager, so maintenance works are with-out a doubt Spok Motors piece of cake.

These days Spok-Motor has all the experience, and skills to do whatever you want for your bike! From motor to frame, the machine shop has all the equipment to make your dream bike true! Beside a large scale of part sale from the leadin distributors, Spok Motor got their own unique product designing, and 3-D modeling!

Spok-Motor est.1993
Licence to Customize!

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